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Our Services

They guarantee moments of peace and calm, as well as a lot of profitability in relation to your property

In BlueStone Management we do not reinvent the way of managing properties, we only offer a personalized service, with high quality standards, which seeks the maximization of the benefit without leaving aside, the care of your property; We work to create an environment where you can feel safe and confident in the management of your property.

Below we list the main services offered by our company

Leasing Service

We put all our effort in the search and selection of possible tenants ideal for your property, we gather the necessary requirements and references to make this selective process efficiently.


Manage Property

Having a property for rent means having trustworthy people who can provide proactive and effective care tailored to each need, we are aware that you, like many, want to be attended in a personalized way, without any pre-established pattern.


Temporary rental

Enjoy and profitability is possible. In BlueStone Management we are focused on satisfying your needs, so we offer you the temporary rental service of your property, which will allow you to generate income, while you are not enjoying your property

Property Maintenance

Do you have a property as a second home? A holiday home? Do not wait to visit it to update it, leave your maintenance in our hands, in BlueStone Management we have a qualified staff to make your arrival much more pleasant.

Retention and Delivery of the key

Who gives the key? Who collects the key? Typically the most uncomfortable when we talk about rents, however for us there is no small and uncomfortable work, we do it for you.

Remodeling and Restoration

Your property may require some work or improvement that ensures that your investment is maintained over time, we can offer qualified personnel to perform such work or simply supervise any work that is done on your property.

Personalized service

If you have any type of requirement, assistance or additional service, contact us, we can help you with whatever your need, remember, we are your remote partner.