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Keep away to the bad boys with this ten tips.

Keep away to the bad boys with this ten tips.

Although robberies are generally more common at the beginning of the week than at the end of the week, the data shows that thieves don’t take a day off. The Ministry of the Interior has published a decalogue to be followed to keep homes safe from criminal activities

1. If you’re going to be out for a few days: close doors and windows

When you leave, make sure you close them tightly. Also those that overlook patios or basements. Always lock, not just with the slip, because it can be easily opened. Make sure your door has at least two closing points. It will take longer to open and the thief can give up. Check that there is no gap between the door and the floor. To prevent them from being leveraged, reinforce the hinge portion of your door with steel pivots and metal angles. Secure basement windows with bars. The windows facing patios are areas especially unprotected by being hidden from view, close them well when leaving.

2. That your home looks inhabited is the best deterrent

Do not completely disconnect the electricity. A disconnected ringer is a sign of absence. Don’t close the blinds completely. Technology makes it easier for you: automatic timers that turn on and off the lights or the radio help to pretend that the house is inhabited. If you leave the house for a few days, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail. Never hide a spare key near your home or in places like a mailbox, pots or counter box. It’s where a thief first looks.

3. If you live outside the city centre, reinforce the surveillance

Light up the entrance, porch and front or rear patios. A dog is a good measure of deterrence.

4. If you leave valuables, store them in a safe place

Don’t leave your valuables in sight: keys, checkbooks, card keys or access codes to online banking. If you have to leave valuables, you better store them in a safe. Create an inventory with the serial numbers of electronics, make and model and photographs. In case of theft, it is easier to recover them.

5. Avoid discussing your plans with strangers or on social media

Posting our holiday calendar on Facebook or Twitter is the best way for a thief to know you’re not going to be home. Also make sure that your children do not report your absence or provide personal data.

6. Don’t open your door or portal to strangers

Opening the door to strange people compromises your safety and that of your neighbors. Don’t stay at home with strangers on the phone or online. Accept only services you have previously requested (water, electricity, telephone, gas) and require accreditation from your representatives. Keep the door closed until you can fully identify the caller. In case of assault, don’t touch anything inside, you could destroy evidence.

8. Citizen collaboration contributes to the safety of all

If you see people prowling or noise in unoccupied homes, call the Police (091) or the Civil Guard (062).

9. For thieves, all eyes are security cameras.

If you see anything strange, give notice. Write down the data of vehicles and people roaming the surroundings of the house and give notice. That thieves feel guarded can help them give up.

10. And remember, avoid risks

If a thief comes into your house, never stand up to him. Go out and call someone who can help you.

You need a neat and clean house, do it with these 20 tips

These are some tricks that I have to keep the house tidy and clean. Starting up all these blow habits can be counterproductive and demotivating. The ideal is to gradually start them up, one by one.

1. Save your things as soon as you get home (coat, purse, wallet, etc.).
2. Keep flat surfaces free of objects (tables, desks, countertops …).
3. Have a place for everything, and put everything in its place immediately.
4. Make the beds every day.
5. Pick up before going to sleep and before leaving home.
6. Clean the shower, toilet and bathroom sink after each use (it only takes a couple of minutes).
7. Order for 15 minutes every day. Have some time for this and do it quickly. Involve the whole family (they can even do competitions).
8. Hang the clothes or put them in the basket immediately.
9. Take out the trash every day.
10. Keep the sinks clean and bright (wash the dishes immediately, leave the sink clean afterwards).
11. Have an inbox to put all the papers (post-its, bills, school papers …), and empty it every day.
12. Every time you prepare tea or coffee, tidy up the kitchen. It’s only a couple of minutes, but it helps keep order.
13. Pick up the table and wash the dishes right after eating.
14. Remove all the decorative objects you can.
15. When you are cooking (and you have something in the oven or on the stove) take the opportunity to clean something (sweep or mop the floor, remove dust, clean the fridge). Be careful not to burn your food!
16. Do not bring new things home. In any case, use the “one enters, two leaves” rule: for each object that enters the house, get rid of two.
17. Reduce your storage space: this way you will accumulate less.
18. Motivate keeping the house tidy and clean your children and those who live under your roof.
19. Wear the minimum amount of clothing possible,
20. The box one year: Put in a box all those objects that you have doubts about what to do with them. Seal this box and keep it for a year. If during that year you didn’t have to open the box, throw it away without opening it. Surely you will not remember what is in it

50 simple tips for your home

In all households, unexpected situations arise that need to be solved at the moment, fortunately there are several homemade tips that can help us make good decisions to solve these small needs or to facilitate some of the household chores. Here are several of these tricks and tips:

Carpet like new every day

To keep the carpet always clean and bright place in a bucket warm water, a splash of ammonia and the juice of a cucumber, then pass a cloth embedded in this preparation over the mat, you will see how it collects all the dirt.

Zero humidity in the closets

In all the closets distributes small pieces of chalk that will be responsible for completely absorbing moisture. Try it also by placing cloth bags full of rice.

To clean the bathroom cancel glass

For this task use baby oil, they will be very clean. You can also use it to clean metal sinks, remove water stains and soap deposits.

Bright bathroom furniture

It is common that over time the toilet loses brightness. To make it look like new you just have to heat vinegar, spread it on the walls of the bathroom furniture with a dry cloth and see how they will recover their original color.

Finish the shine in pants

It is common that when ironing the pants are those unsightly black glitters. To disappear, rub the garment with a sponge soaked in white vinegar, then put on a white cloth soaked in water and drained and iron with the cloth on top, the glitters will disappear.

For a scented bedroom

So that your favorite room is always scented, spray the lamp bulbs with a little of your favorite perfume and you will see that when you turn it on it will smell very good due to the effect of heat.

Cash removes mushrooms

To remove the fungi from the baths, in a bucket with water (approximately 10 liters) add two chlorine caps and a fist of salt and with a brush, rub everything thoroughly. Goodbye mushrooms.

Rust stains on clothes

When there are rust spots on the clothes, add a few drops of lemon on the stain and put the garment in the sun. You will see how they disappear.

Glass cleaning tips

Put in a bowl hot or warm water and pour a good stream of vinegar. Clean the glass with clean rags, they will glow. Another technique used by stained glass is to soak a clean cloth with white vinegar and go through the surface. If you want you can pass other towel to retouch. It is a technique of several centuries.

Goodbye to the cold bed

This can be remedied if you place a wool blanket under the bottom sheet. This is particularly useful in the winter season, when the beds become colder than usual.

Goodbye to smells in the refrigerator

If your refrigerator emits a bad smell, introduce a small dish with a piece of hard bread or coffee scraps. Let it act for a couple of days, remove it and renew the bread or coffee. The smell will disappear. Other alternatives are: placing a container with a little milk and a slice of lemon inside; keep a bottle of mineral water open without gas; introduce a few pieces of charcoal; Or store a bowl with a handful of baking soda in the freezer. Smells will not mix

Mirror Antifog

So that the mirrors do not fog up when you use the shower, rub them with a little shampoo for the hair and they will not fog for a good time.

Remove rust from scissors

If you have some rusty scissors, try rubbing them with half an onion. They will work perfectly.

Impeccable bath tub

It is cleaned very well with hot vinegar. If it has yellow spots you can remove them by applying a mixture made with the juice of a lemon and two teaspoons of fine salt. If the bath tub is covered, mix in a bowl two tablespoons of soda and two of salt, add water and with a spoon dissolve well. Pour the mixture into the drain and let it act for half an hour. Then deposit very hot water down the drain and the problem will be solved.

How to clean the jewelry

Prepare a bowl, fill it with cola and dip your jewelry. In 20 minutes you take them out and rinse with water, they will be very bright.

Against burns

Use glycerin for hand burns. Prevents blisters and acts as a humectant. Another good option, recommended by a doctor, is to make a paste by mixing alcohol and baking soda. The pain disappears and leaves no marks. Another solution is to open the freezer immediately and place the affected part on anything that is there, (vegetable bags, ice cubes, etc., or on the same freezer grids by pressing lightly for a continuous minute, the burning disappears completely and there will be no blister.If the burn is not precisely on the hands, with pressing ice for a minute in the affected area the discomfort will disappear.

That the table does not “limp again”

Is your table uneven? Place a little crumb of bread under the leg that has problems. You will see how easy it is to solve this awkward problem.

Tip for healthy hair

The best thing to make your hair shiny is to place a piece of smoothie aloe in the daily use shampoo. Not even lice will approach you. To say goodbye to the problem of dandruff, nothing better than mixing the shampoo you use daily with the juice of a lemon, you will see how it disappears. Burned hair? Wash it normally and then mix some of your usual shampoo with a squeezed tomato. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse, you will see the results.

Against bee sting

To neutralize the effect of bee venom, you must apply wine vinegar to the affected area. You will see that it quickly deflates and the pain disappears.

End the smell of tobacco

To avoid the smell of tobacco at home you should soak a sponge with cold water and leave it overnight. The next day you will see that there is no cigarette smell.

Clean stainless steel

To clean stainless steel, nothing better than doing it with a cloth moistened with gin.

Tip for ironing cotton clothes

To iron the cotton clothes that cost a lot to leave without wrinkles, put the garment in the freezer in a plastic bag until we are going to iron it. Immediately after taking it out, it will be ironed and will be starchy and easy to iron.

Always new pans

The traditional way to clean a pan is with warm or hot water and soap. But for scratches to disappear it is advisable to rub the surface with a paste based on ash and olive oil. To recover the shine, it is best to pass a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and alcohol. It is also proven that when you have boiled vegetables, the pot or saucepan is often blackened a little. A trick to solve this is to boil water with a little lemon juice.

That the moth does not invade your closets

Naphthalene is an effective remedy to prevent moths from spoiling clothes, although it gives off an intense smell that is difficult to remove, to counteract it you can hang a sprig of lavender on the bar so it doesn’t smell like mothballs. Another excellent moth repellent is cedar wood. In specialized stores you can find specially designed pieces to hang in the closet. To strengthen its effectiveness it is advisable to sand the piece of cedar wood at least once a year. Another alternative is to introduce some cloves into the pockets of the coats and clothing. It is an effective way to scare away moths and avoid the smell of mothballs.

Glowing Ovens

The oven is undoubtedly an indispensable appliance in the kitchen, but sometimes it is uncomfortable to sanitize. In the market there are products for cleaning the oven, both cold and hot, which are effective in removing the grease that always adheres. A homemade trick is to apply baking soda in the hot oven and let it act for an hour, clean with a damp cloth and ready.

How to make a potpourri

Materials: fabric, needle and thread and the ingredients of potpourri (lavender, yarrow, orange cartridges. Cut a strip of cloth and form with it a bag. Fill with your favorite mix of ingredients for potpourri. Use a small selection of dried flowers , like lavender, yarrow and orange safflower, to make a small bouquet, tie it with wire and then over it with natural raffia. Fix the bouquet to the potpourri bag using more raffia and end with a small bow.

Ideas to combine tapestries

In the decoration of our home, upholstery is an important element. The success of combining the tapestries well is to have plain fabrics with other patterns (stripes, squares or flowers) as long as they all maintain the same color range because it guarantees harmonic environments and without too sharp contrasts.

Against chocolate stains

To remove this type of stains on cotton fabrics you can apply hot water or water to the area to which you have added a bit of borax. If it is wool or silk, use a mixture of water and a little ammonia. If the stain is egg, wash the cloth with detergent and hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. Another option is to rub with a sponge soaked in cold and salt water, then rinse the fabric until the stain has disappeared.

Scratched wooden furniture

To remove surface scratches from a wooden piece of furniture, rub the area with garlic cloves until the marks are filled. Let dry and then remove the excess with a cloth. Then apply wax. Burns in the wood. Cigarettes, stoves or irons are capable of causing horrible stains on furniture, to mitigate the damage, you can rub the wood with a lime, following the direction of the fiber, then smear the surface with linseed oil. Finally you can pass a cloth.

How to cover holes in the walls

If you have a white wall with a small hole, you can cover it with toothpaste, holy remedy.

Fishy smell in the dishes

The strong smell that the fish leaves on the plates will disappear by dipping the pieces of the dishes in a bucket that contains heavily loaded tea. If the smell persists, rub them with half an onion or half a raw potato and then rinse with the tea.

Home without insects

Do you want to never see those annoying cockroaches at home? Strategically place a few lettuce leaves impregnated with yeast. If it is the ants that visit you, place a few slices of lemon in a foil in flour on an aluminum foil and put a bowl of water next to it (the result is excellent if you place it near the anthill). Another option is to use boric acid powder, mixed with a little sugar or other sweetener. Miraculous.

Bright tiles

If you want to disinfect and brighten the walls of the bathroom and kitchen, prepare in equal parts a mixture of water, ammonia and burning alcohol. Place it in a spray bottle, shake it well and shoot directly on the tiles. Dry them immediately with a clean cloth. You will see the amazing results.

Don’t throw the water where you cook the potatoes

Do not discard the water where you have cooked potatoes, as it has various uses. Strain it and take advantage of it. For example, pure, will serve to clean silverware and silverware – also stainless steel – and to wash woolen garments. With a little vinegar, you will make it a great windshield wiper to take in the car.

How to make a natural air freshener

If you want to use an air freshener at home but you are worried about using products that damage the ozone layer. Try to boil, until it evaporates, a mixture of water, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and lemon peel. It is an effective and completely natural air freshener.

Tip for the iron to slide smoothly

When the iron sticks to the clothes, run a piece of dry soap on the base while it is still hot. Then rinse it with water and dry it with a newspaper sheet. It will stop sticking.

Sweaters without balls

If you want your jerseys not to leave balls, do the following: freshly bought, put it for two days in the freezer, in a plastic bag. You will see how you will never have this problem.

Another tip, if your black sweter has lost color, wash it with the water where you’ve cooked spinach. It will recover the original tone.

How to have whiter clothes

When the clothes remain stored for a long time they appear in it ugly yellowish spots, difficult to remove with a simple wash and even with bleach. To return its initial white color, put some cold milk on them, let it stand for a while and then try to wash the garment normally.

To clean bamboo furniture

To get them to acquire a special shine it will be enough for you to pass them half a lemon from time to time throughout the surface.

Candles that do not drip

You can avoid those odious drops of wax on the tablecloth if one day before you leave the candles, for a few hours, soak them in salt water.

No more scratches on the floor

To move the furniture without scratching the floor will be much easier if you use one of these tricks: if the furniture to be transported is large and heavy, cover the legs in thick wool socks. If it is a lighter piece of furniture or if the floor is tiled, you can use potato slices, it will slide very easily.

How to clean bath curtains

With moisture, it is inevitable that mold stains will come out, especially in the lower part of the curtains. To remove them, use a sponge moistened in diluted bleach. If you have many, it is best to soak them in water with a good amount of bleach and a little detergent. Rinse thoroughly and hang them in the bath still wet, without draining. Another excellent option to remove these neregridstains from the bathroom curtain is to immerse it in a bucket full of milk and leave it overnight, the next morning when rinsing the dirt will disappear.

Don’t let your paellera rust

After preparing that exquisite paella, remove all the remains from the paellera and clean it thoroughly with vinegar. Then rub with half a lemon and finally, after rinsing well and dry with a soft cloth, wipe a cotton swab in clean oil. This way you will be ready to save.

Pans as new

When pans and scoops are very blackened by fat, bring a splash of vinegar to the boil in them. They’ll look like new.

Clean brooms

Clean brooms and synthetic brushes by putting them for a while in a bucket filled with water to which you’ve previously added a tablespoon of ammonia. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and wait for them to dry completely before reuse.

To make the flowers last longer

Try pouring a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and two or three drops of bleach into the water of the vase. You’ll be amazed by the result. Another alternative for the flowers to last longer is using gasified water in the vase instead of natural water.

Clean copper objects

They will glow like gold if you clean them as follows: boil vinegar with a little coarse salt (two tablespoons of salt for a quarter of a litre of vinegar) and soak a rag with this mixture. Rub the surface with it and then pass on it half a juicy lemon. Let it dry and finally shine the pot with a woolen cloth.

Farewell to smoke

If you’re bothered by smoke, whether cigarette slit or fried, you can light two candles in the room and they’ll help reduce the smoke.

How to clean suede

Suede and skin are entropyed with use. To keep it in good condition you can: Rub the surface stains with an eraser or with special rubber rubber for suede. The parts are very dirty. rub them delicately with a very fine sandpaper or special metal brush for suede. For grease stains use talc, allow to absorb for an entire night and brush with a strong clothing brush.

Dazzling glass tables

The best way to clean them is by rubbing them with vinegar (or lemon juice), then dry it with a kitchen paper and then shine it with paper.